ISIS is a growing organization that started in Iraq and Syria and that has now expanded to Libya, Egypt and Yemen. This group has the most extreme jihadist’s. This is basically an organization run by terrorist that want to not murder anyone that does not have the same beliefs as them. This international terrorist group has being attacking and is continuing to plot on the people of the world. Generally speaking the intentions of this group are not good and ISIS is keeps increasing there recruiters. This group intends to overthrow governments to create the Islamic caliphate. To overthrow ISIS our military and government needs to take action against them before ISIS gets too strong.



Economic Collapse

One of the most known economic collapses in history was the Great Depression. What led up to this was a plethora of political financial problems, wars deficits and famines. The U.S right now is teetering on the threshold of another recession. New restrictions on offshore oil and CO2 emissions, have hit the markets hard and has been indicated. What could help our economy would be another big innovation but the issue with that is that foreign countries can make it cheaper so by sending more jobs to Asia and China we lose those jobs here in America.



Global Warming

Global warming is a increase in the overall temperature of the earths atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect cause by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. What will happen is in different zones may have warmer winters, more rainfall, rising sea level, or droughts. With that being said the animals and crops in that area would be unable to adapt to the different climate changes. Eventually, the poor countries will not be able to pay for medical and different needs due to the climate changes and human population keeps grows. The earth with run out of resources because we did not take good enough care of the planet and something catastrophic will happen.




This is engaging in sexual intercourse for money.  Prostitution has been around for ages. Many women have turned to prostitution for many different reasons, they may be a runaway juvenile, illegal immigrant or just trying to hustle some money. Street prostitution is very dangerous for many reasons and is something that should be looked at more closely. Being a prostitute makes you vulnerable for STD’s, murders, being robbed or being defrauded. Most prostitutes are hooked on drugs and are usually owned by a pimp, who gets them hooked on drugs. Being a prostitution is a very dangerous job and it is something that the police have trouble controlling. Prostitution shouldn’t be legal by any means but the police should help make sure that they’re safe and getting treated appropriately.


Child Hunger

Child hunger struck 15.3 million children in 2014. Children getting a good nutrition is vital for the child’s mental and physical health. The United States Department of Agriculture discovered that the 15.3 million children were unable to consistently access enough food to be healthy. To make awareness of this issue there is a Summer Food Box Program that feeds over 75,000 families per month. This program is designed to feed hungry children whose September lunch tickets remain out of for months. This is one thing that is going on to help the hungry child of America and abroad. I feel like out of all the problems in the world child hunger is one of the most serious ones. To help prevent child hunger, you can donated canned goods or money to help an innocent child in need.


Sexual Harassment 

The definition of sexual harassment is any unwanted or any inappropriate sexual attention. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a on going problem. Surveys show that 80% of women can say that they have been harassed in the workplace, in some way. Sexual harassment can happen in many different ways, one example is having an affair with a employee. If this  happens the organization and the supervisor could be held liable. Sexual harassment can be gestures, looks, comments or touching.