Reasons why I can’t wait for summer

Theres a lot of reasons why I can’t wait till summer. One of the main reasons why I can’t wait till summer is the lake. The lake is so much fun and there is always so much to do. We just got a new ski boat and we also have a pontoon so the options for something to do are endless. My favorite thing to do is go tubing. Getting pulled with the ski boat is so much fun. My dad usually drives and my mom watches to tell him if we fall off. It so much fun when you get close to falling off but some how pull through and just manage to stay on. I’ve lost my bottoms many times, which is embarrassing but it happens. Lake Norfork is where we go to the lake at and that lake is really deep which is kinda freaky because I’m scared of deep water but I just try to not think about it. Usually after me and my friends get done riding the tube we will go to the cliff and watch people jump off and sometimes we get guts and jump off too. The lake is my go to place when it comes summer time and I can’t wait to finally be on break.


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