Mocha the cat has a hard life

My parents and I got mocha when I was about 16. I found him at my dads shop and he was the cutest little thing. He is brown and so furry. I talked my parents into letting us keep him even though they really didn’t want another cat. Growing up mocha has always had really long and thick hair which got matted up easily because he is an outdoor cat and it’s kinda hard to manage him when he’s outside all the time. About 2 years ago we found out that he has cat aids and will experience that through his years. It’s really sad, but I just hope that he isn’t in pain or suffering right now. Cat aids is contracted from water bowls and food bowls. It’s a different strain of aids than human aids. Mocha deals with his long matted hair and his aids everyday. When his hair gets bad enough we usually shave him during the summer so that he doesn’t get cold. His hair always grows back to the way it was but its just a way of making him feel better. I wish there was a cure for cat aids but I know that’s probably not in the near future.


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