My biggie

When I first got into Delta Zeta,  I only few a hand full of people. I didn’t figure that I would ever find a big that I would be able to get along with and love. In Delta Zeta, we get turtle buddy’s, pearl, rose and lamp buddy’s. This is just so you can hangout with some girls and start to get to know some sisters. When I had my turtle buddy, little did I know that she was gonna be my big. Me and my turtle buddy ended up going fishing and and out to eat. We figured out that we had a lot in common and we cliqued automatically! We ended up hanging out a lot more and she ended up being my big. It was the happiest day ever. I never thought that it would be possible to find someone so understanding and some one that look up to. I’m so glad I joined delta zeta, and met my big.


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