ATU Snow day

Me and my boyfriend Austin had our first snow day a few weeks ago. Our snow days were simple and lazy. We spend our days, watching Netflix, laying in bed, playing in the snow and attempting to make a snow man. The thing that we did most was watch Netflix, since we were snowed in. Netflix was a life saver cause there wasn’t much to do in the apartment. Luckily we had enough food to last us a few days and we didn’t starve. The last day that we had snow we went to the intermural fields and attempted to build snow man. We tried to build one for about an hour or so. We got the bottom part made but the snow wouldn’t stick together so we had difficulties making the middle piece, then the bottom fell apart and we just kinda gave up and had a snowball fight. Even though we couldn’t make a snow man, I still at fun playing in the snow!


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