Mushu goes to the vet

Me and my boyfriend took my cat, Mushu to the vet for the first time on January the 29th. I was really nervous about how he would act when we took him there cause Mushu is scared of a lot of things and I figured the vet would be one of them. Turned out, we took him there grappled up in my jacket, he is only 6-8 weeks old. We sat him on the table and he just laid down and went to sleep. When it was time for him to get his shots, he was a very good boy and didn’t fight it or freak out. He got it’s shots then the nurse came to clean the blood off of his paw while Mushu just sat there, then started cleaning himself. At the vet there was 4 other cats that belonged to the vet and Mushu didn’t freak out about them he just was kind of curious, then would just sit back down on my jacket. Apparently cats can get aids and it’s really contagious for them and thankfully his test results came back negative and he’s a health cat. Mushu’s first vet visit was a success, hopefully the second appointment he has in three weeks will go just as good!



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