Brick Oven Pizza

Russellville has many great restaurants to choose from. When I decide to eat pizza, I eat Brick Oven. Brick oven pizza is the best pizza because it is cooked in a brick oven. A brick oven radiates heat from both the bricks and the fire generating the heat. By building stored heat over time, the oven will be able to cook using a lot of heat and a short cooking time. This making the wait for your Brick Oven pizza fairly short. Two of the best things about this place are how mannered the service is and how good the food is.
Service and good tasting food are two really big points for me when picking out a restaurant. The people working at Brick Oven are always really polite and quick to take your order. I usually never run out of something to drink cause they fill my glass up before it is all gone, which is a big deal for me when I’m eating spicy foods. Secondly, there pizza is cooked just right, the crust is always perfectly cooked, not burnt and I don’t like tomatoes on my pizza so I always request “no tomatoes ” and there never is any that come on my pizza. So there you have it, that’s why I choose Brick Oven Pizza over ANY OTHER pizza place in Russellville.



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