New kitten in the family

On January 17, 2015 me and my boyfriend, austin got a kitten! He is orange with long fur, green eyes and a little pink nose. When we first got him, he was really shy and wouldn’t do much but hide and sleep. After a few days of getting use to us, he is up running around and is very loving. Cats are pretty smart animals, they know to use the litter box, they clean there self, and their capable of understanding what people are thinking. If a kitten is past about 4-5 weeks old, most likely it will know how to use a litter box. This is because when the cat is born and with it’s mom, the mother cat will teach the kitten what to do. Another thing an owner of a cat most likely won’t have to worry about is giving your cat a bath. Cats have natural instinct to just lick there body to get them selfs clean. Lastly cats can tell what you’re thinking. If you are upset with them or happy with them they can most likely tell by the way you are acting towards them. They do this by reading body language and by tone of voice.



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