Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty can be under many different kinds of abuse. Not giving an animal adequate food, water, shelter or veterinary care could be a form of animal cruelty. More brutal forms of  negligence is beating, kicking, throwing or hurting. I feel like animal cruelty isn’t as notice and well helped as it should. If you see a dog being starved, not given a shelter or being beaten, you should call the animal welfare agency or the local police. Most animals are not aggressive by nature and should not be treated poorly either way. If you do not have the time or money to take proper care of an animal, don’t get one.



UV Rays

Being exposed to ultraviolet radiation puts you at risk for many different skin cancers. The most common way to obtain UV rays is by tanning beds. They are at greater risk than people would don’t use tanning beds. UV rays damage the DNA of skin cell which is damaging to the skin growth. This is also what can cause premature wrinkles, skin damage and cancer. By being exposed to these ultraviolet lights it can speed up the aging process of skin since the light destroys the top layer of skin and can cause liver spots and can have an affect on how soon you get wrinkles.


Pouching is an issue because it isn’t fair to the animals and they are at a disadvantage because of spot lighting which causes them to be stunned making them vulnerable to get shot. This a selfish and unfair way to hunt. The human has the obvious advantage which can contribute to the amount of animals being available for people actually needing food instead of just trophy hunting. If people keep pouching each year the amount of that animal will go down. Each year there could be less deer and this could cause an imbalance in the eco system. To help prevent pouching, call a local game warden if you see someone suspiciously cruising back roads or spot lighting.



STD’s have been around as long as mankind and epidemics that are mentioned in the Old Testament. Sexually transmitted diseases have had a huge impact on the relationship between the women and the baby. STD’s can cause long term health problems and can be transmitted to children and other people that you may be sexual active with. The best way to protect yourself from STD’s is by being careful about who your sexual active with. If you’re sexual active you need to go to the health department or to your doctor to get checked. This will help you be aware of what is going on with your body and how to be treated if you’re diagnosed with a disease.



Slow Wifi

Slow wifi seems to be a rising issue in my life. Usually slow wifi is something you should be able to fix yourself but sometimes you have to get extra help. One issue that could be going on with slow wifi is that multiple users could be using the internet which could make it slow. Also something else that could happen is your internet provider could be having problem which is something that would be out of your hands to fix. Something that could improve your internets speed is moving closer to the router. Another thing that you could do is reboot your device to try to troubleshoot the problem.

Child Abuse

An estimated 57,000 children were killed in the year 2000. Data found shows that 20 percent of women have experienced sexual abuse and 5-10 percent of men have experienced sexual abuse as a child. Many children are abused when they are the ages of 0-4 years. The most common cause of death for children between these ages is by some kind of head injury. Research shows that 5 children die everyday because of child abuse. 90 percent of child sexual abuse victims know the predator in some way. 68 percent are abused by a family member. Child abuse has been going on for many decades. It has been going on so long everyone is just kind of use to hearing about it and it is some what a common thing in family’s. Which is devastating because it is a terrible thing that is uncalled for and should not be taken lightly.


Nuclear Weapons

The abundance of nuclear weapons is an imminent danger which could cause a worldwide catastrophe. I know that we have some of these weapons to protect us. But you have to take into consideration that if the wrong hands got one of these weapons. Not only would it take out a state, it would take out America and maybe other countries as well depending on how powerful the nuclear weapon is. There are over 20 nations with nuclear power and the list seems to be growing. If one of these nations happen to set off one of the nuclear weapons by accident, it would be catastrophic.